Travel more sustainably anywhere.

It’s not about being perfect; it’s about small changes that make big differences.

That’s why I’m calculating & reducing my carbon emissions from travel, and I’m all about finding more sustainable travel options – from Greece to Mississippi, and anywhere in between.

So you can still get out there – and use your travel budget to make the world a better place. 

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Sustainable travel blogger Ketti Wilhelm, sitting at a bar smiling with a cocktail in hand. ©KettiWilhelm2023

Hi, I’m Ketti!

I’m the creator of Tilted Map, and a fan of the good life, just done better. A passionate advocate for more sustainable living through the choices we make every day – both at home and when we travel.

I have several years under my belt living abroad – in China, Italy, France and a few other places (here’s how). While in Italy, I did my Master’s in Sustainable Business & Energy (here are my big take-aways.) I also love languages, outdoor adventures, and exploring cultures through food.

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