Welcome! Are you here because you read the white paper on Responsible Travel that I co-authored?

It’s a great baseline introduction to the issues and terms we throw around a lot when talking about sustainable travel. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s a great foundation!

Want more?

Below are my articles about sustainable travel (there are a lot!) and some resources that expand on the ideas from the paper.

For my favorite travel resources and sustainable travel companies, check out this resource list.

And here’s a bit more about me:

Ketti Wilhelm, the author of this sustainable travel blog, holds a sign that read "Tilted Map declares a climate emergency." ©KettiWilhelm2022

Hi, I’m Ketti!

(the writer behind Tilted Map)

I’m a passionate advocate for more sustainable living through the easy choices we make every day – both at home and when we travel.

A bit about me: I have several years under my belt living abroad – in China, Italy, France and a few other places (here’s how). While in Italy, I did my Master’s in Sustainable Business & Energy (here are my big take-aways.) I also love languages, outdoor adventures, and exploring cultures through food.

Read on here for more about me. For bite-sized travel tips and fun stories, keep in touch below on Instagram!

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